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Architecture as ‘frozen music’ had a long history of tracking its sister, the parallel art of harmonic and rhythmic order. Many qualities unite these two art forms − and quite a few make them different, Music scales “échelles musicales-In French” create various distinctive moods, atmospheres and tonal flavors, there are as many music scales as there are architecture styles around the world.

In échelle-Architects we believe that every project has its own vibe, tone, mode and harmony, a unique scale that delivers a magical message and becomes its own particular kind of music.

Marakez D5 head office .jpg

About Us

Founded in 2014 in Cairo, “échelle-Architects” provide a multidisciplinary design service aimed at raising the quality of the built environment. Our experienced architects, interior designers and LEED professionals complement our wide range of construction consultancy services by providing holistic sustainable design solutions that reflect an understanding of the full project life-cycle.


We take a comprehensive approach to design, working from inception to completion to turn an architectural vision into reality. We work across sectors, applying our distinctive approach to projects in education, public estates, residential, and commercial office. Our Specialties range from Architecture, interior design and space planning, 3D visualization and sustainable design assessments. 

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