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H.B Residence-Mecca.

The land’s excellent location and typography Overlooking the sacred holy Masjid of

Al-Haram in Mecca has helped our design team to plan this mansion of one of the biggest Saudi’s investors in the region,

The main entrance can be accessed via open flight of stairs leading to the main double height salon  (Accommodates 40 persons) and another separate ladies Salon, all connected to a huge dining area serviced by a separate core to the basement.

The basement floor contains all the services, private gym, indoor home cinema and a private garden with a private pool. The family living area and the bedrooms are located in the uppermost level with a direct connection to a private core leading directly to the parking in the basement floor.

Majlis area for men and other services are located in the ground floor in a

separate building linked to each other by pathways in the front yard.

The interior, on the other hand is en-livened by a multitude of relations to the exterior and precisely set window openings that - in part as glazed corners - direct light into the interior in a targeted way.

Project: H.B. Residence.

Location: Mecca-KSA

Scope: Architecture Design.

Year: 2016.

Area: 4720 m2/Landscape 4750 m2.

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